Kemper Medical- Things You Should Keep in Mind

With the rising expenses of health care, increasing number of patients are resorting to home medical supplies and equipments to lead a comfortable life at home, instead of footing huge bills of the nursing homes. In addition to the wheel chairs, today’s home medical supplies cover an entire range of sophisticated medical equipments like various types of Diabetic Supply Programs, Medical Alarms, Blood Pressure Monitors, Oxygen Concentrators, Spirometers, Pulse Oximeters or autoclaves.See the Best on kemper medical

Now, buying medical equipments from the online stores has its definite advantages. You get a cheaper deal and moreover you can make the deal right from the comfort of your own home without taking the trouble to visit the local market.

Despite the conveniences, the online medical supplies stores are not above controversy; FDA has made a list of around 50 companies that have been reported to indulge in illegal practices with regard to the medical supplies. Now FDA is collaborating with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to stop illegal dealings in the online medical supplies. In addition to the initiatives of the FDA, there are few things you can do to become a wise customer of online medical supplies.

While buying any medial product, make sure that the equipment meets the medical standards stipulated by FDA. How do you do that? Simply read the labels. If the text in the label is written in other language than English, or measurements are given in metric units that clearly means that the product is intended for sale outside the USA. So it is clear that product does not meet U.S. standards and there are chances of product’s being of inferior quality.

An authentic online store will definitely provide contact details including e-mail ID, address and phone number of USA. Before making any commitment, make query, whether the product has the FDA’s approval for sale in the United States. If the seller is genuine, he will surely make reply.

Do not get lured by the tall claims of cure-all effects of any medical product; remember this old adage that empty vessel sounds much. So take this little trouble of asking your health care professional to inform about this product and seek his advice before the final purchase.

Also go through the FDA’s Buying Online Homepage at It will give you lot of helpful information about do’s and don’ts of buying medical products from the online medical supplies companies.

Last of all, don’t provide personal financial information such as credit card numbers unless you are sure the site will protect your privacy. The website address of a secure online store should read Https:// (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer, or HTTP over SSL). This is a web protocol that ensures that the information are encrypted.