Zero Gravity & Full Body Massage Chairs-Fundamentals Explained

Zero gravity massage chairs have now landed. In fact, zero gravity recliners are showing up in many different lines of furniture. They range from patio furniture chaise lounges to massage chairs. Zero gravity refers to the position that you take when been launched in a rocket. This doesn’t mean that your massage chair will take you to the moon, but it will help you feel some level of weightlessness. Originally, NASA developed the zero gravity position as a way to reduce the stress put on astronauts during takeoff. The astronauts must pull many times the force of normal gravity. The force put on the body during takeoff can be tremendous. Through different trials, it was found that if the astronaut laid flat on their backs with their knees raised, that this would have the least amount of stress on their bodies during takeoff.Click here now for More About Zero Gravity & Full Body Massage Chairs

Massage chairs definitely help to relieve tension and stress. However, they aren’t going to launch you to the moon. The zero gravity position of a massage chair is designed to better distribute the weight off of your spine. So the zero gravity massage chairs have a number of positions that they referred to as zero gravity. The idea behind the zero gravity position is to spread the weight across the surface of your back rather than concentrated on the spine.

Many massage chair companies have now developed different zero gravity massage chairs. This additional feature helps to put you in a more relaxing position. It is thought that by better distributing your weight across your back, that the massage will be more effective. Sanyo developed its model DR 7700 massage chair with two different zero gravity positions. Each of these zero gravity positions helps to reduce stress on the spine. Each position is controlled by its own button on the remote control.

The zero gravity position seems to better spread the weight of the body. When I tried it, I did not feel weightless, but it did feel more comfortable. Each of the zero gravity positions would help to relieve the body’s weight off of the spine. Other massage chair manufacturers besides Sanyo are starting to adopt the zero gravity position. These manufacturers are also adding the ability to raise the lower legs above the heart. This position of the legs above the hard helps to reduce swelling in the feet and calves. Raising body parts above the level of the art has been used to help reduce swelling and inflammation. This is simple to do at home with a few extra pillows on the sofa. Lie down on the sofa and prop up your legs. This will help to reduce the swelling.